Specialists on the end-of-line palletizing equipment, we provide, also, all the necessary complementary equipment for every client’s installation. We install everything from box shapers to AGVs and product tracking or combining palletizing with subsequent pallet baling or strapping.


Savvy Pal is the solution adapted to the different needs of the industry. It is one of the greatest innovations in the supply of industrial palletizing worldwide, which will be a real revolution due to its characteristics and benefits to end-of-line processes.

Palletizing solutions designed to be adapted to market changes

The tastes and needs of consumers are constantly changing, leaving increasingly less time for reaction and anticipation to the industries, which must modify all their processes on the fly, including the palletizing of their products.


Today’s packaging of most products has little to do with what it was five years ago. Changes in all packaging types’ format, size, and composition are happening faster and faster.


The palletizing solutions of companies must respond to the changes demanded by consumers and distributors.


It is not only the needs of the consumer that motivate changes in palletizing solutions, but also the demands imposed by the different distributors and points of sale, which modify their needs in search of greater profitability and more deals on their shelves.

The power of versatility

Versatility is the first set of advantages provided by SAVVY palletizing solutions. The characteristics that make versatility one of the great benefits of these products are:

– The possibility of coupling to any box.

– Adaptability to a wide variety of set sizes to be palletized.

– The choice of palletizing capacity according to the needs of each production.

This last characteristic is what marks the distinction between the two products in the range:

   a. Savvy Pal: up to 20 boxes per minute.

   b. Savvy Pal XL: up to 30 boxes per minute. 

The advantages of efficiency

The second of the characteristics that distinguishes SAVVY PALLETIZING SOLUTIONS products is efficiency, thanks to the benefits it provides:

– The use of a universal clip that works for everything.

– The safety of the grip of this clamp prevents falls and breakages.

– The product has a proven efficiency of 99%.

With these palletizing solutions, not only will the production line be prepared for change, but you will also make it more efficient.

Safe and versatile clamp

This clamp with combs and tamper is designed to grab the boxes from below and hold them from above, therefore ensuring that the box is palletized in perfect conditions, even if there is an error in the sealing

A self-managed palletizing solution

The versatility and efficiency of this innovation in palletizing are not at odds with agile internal management on a day-to-day basis.

To maximize the client’s autonomy, we have thought from the beginning to design a self-manageable solution so that the changes for which the system is prepared can be applied quickly and easily.

In this sense, self-management translates into notable benefits such as:

– The possibility of connecting the system with the company’s ERP.

– The system has a graphic mosaic generator, which allows the programming of new palletizing formats by placing the boxes drawn by the program on the pallet.

Profitability and economy

The fourth of the perspectives that make this group of industrial palletizing innovations a unique novelty on the market is the economy of this solution, characterized by:

– A quick return on investment (ROI) thanks to the efficiency generated by series production.

– A reduced delivery time allows you to benefit from all these improvements in the short term.

– Installation process and start-up of the entire process in just three days, which reduces the adaptation of the production line to a minimum.

These characteristics mean that implementing the SAVVY palletizing system offers profitability and economies of scale advantages, investing a profitable asset in the short term.